Living Cuisine: Raw Foods


Living Cuisine
By Rene Underkoffler
Paperback 496 Pages

Eating raw isn’t just for naturalists and hippies anymore. Today, everyones setting their table with the foods nature has already prepared. And these foods go well beyond sprouts, carrots and celery as so many associate with this type of diet. Raw foods have gone gourmet In “Living Cuisine”, celebrated raw-foods chef Rene Underkoffler will show you just how varied, exciting, healthy, and delectable raw-foods cuisine can be

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Living Cuisine

Get yourself started on eating healthy and living your best life. Living Cuisine is a complete guide to adding healthy and living raw foods. Plus, you get more than 300 irresistible restaurant quality recipes to try out!

Eating raw has taken a 180-degree turn. With an increase in access to knowledge, more people have learned about the benefits of raw food. In addition, they are also positively moving towards adding more of these foods to their lifestyle. Natural raw foods with time have gone beyond average expectations. Basically, back in the day people considered “raw” to just be b sprouts, carrots, and celery and that other bland food. Gone are those days. Today, with equipment such as juicers, blenders, and dehydrators, raw foods have gone gourmet!

In Living Cuisine, celebrated raw-foods chef Renée Loux will show you just how varied, exciting, healthy, and delicious raw-foods meals can be. Furthermore, She provides easy-to-follow guidelines for incorporating this healthier way of eating into your lifestyle. In conclusion, Whether you are already a hardcore the raw-foods diet or are simply raw-curious. You will discover how easy it is to transform the raw foods in your kitchen.

The recipes in Living Cuisine include Pesto-Stuffed Mushrooms and Sweet Corn. As well as Bisque with Spicy and Sweet Relish. Plus Indonesian Vegetable Pad Thai. And for the sweet tooth, you will get Chocolate Hazelnut Torte with Raspberry and Vanilla Crème Frosting and so much more. Renée Loux makes it clear that eating raw is anything but boring!

Let Living Cuisine be your guide into the world of raw-foods eating and living. But be warned: Once you go raw, you may never go back!

About the author

“Renée is…a striking green-eyed wonder, full of energy and confidence…the raw knowledge master, the raw taste master…revolutionary thinking about food…the most exciting, up-to-date collection of information on the thrills and importance of vibrant health, along with hundreds of delicious recipes that will leave you and your family and friends smiling, speechless, and ready to fight for the last piece of pie.”

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