The Fermenta Fermentation Crock Pot 2Lt

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The Fermenta Crock Pot 2Lt

Capacity: 2 litres
Size: 14 x 13.5 x17.7 cm (lxbxh)
Packaged weight: 2.26 kg
Fermenta fermentation crock pot weight: 2.05 kg

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Fermenta Fermentation Crock Pot

With the fermentation crockpot, you can enjoy tasty:

    • Vegetables


    • Fruit


    • Traditional Kimchi



Lactic acid fermentation is a process where oxygen does not exist. The gutter, when filled with oil or water, locks oxygen out of the crockpot. Furthermore, it allows the naturally created carbon dioxide to escape.

Quality materials
Manufactured from high-quality ceramic and glazed in white, the Fermenta does not absorb liquids into the ceramic.

Why choose a Fermenta Fermentation Crock Pot?

    • The attractive design is an asset to any kitchen


    Convenient 2-litre size produces the perfect quantity

A basic introduction to fermentation

Food fermentation is the process by which natural bacteria feed on carbohydrates creating lactic acid. In addition, this bacteria is the good kind that strengthens your immune and aids your digestive system. This process is known as Lacto-fermentation. It preserves food and breaks it down in a manner that the body finds easy to process. Plus, preserving foods this way also increases the availability of nutrients. As well as enzymes, omega acids, and certain good bacteria. It also results in interesting flavors, textures, aromas, and smells. Finally, the overall benefits are not only limited to your immune system or your digestive system. But they contribute to your overall wellness. Some of the benefits of fermented foods are:

An excellent source of nutrients
A clean system
Very cost-effective. Besides, fermented foods can be stored in the refrigerator for weeks compared to fresh produce which only lasts a couple of days and they contain more probiotics.

Basic Fermenta Fermentation Crock Pot Features

Airlock – The uniquely designed gutter around the rim features an air-tight seal. Plus, this makes this the safest method of fermentation.

Quality – Made from a high-quality ceramic material with an attractive and practical. Furthermore, the Fermenta crockpot compliments any kitchen with its sleek design while ensuring that your ferments are safe to eat.

Capacity – At a capacity of 2 liters the Fermenta is a very handy size. In addition, it produces enough to store in the fridge and start again with another exciting fermentation project.

Weights – The Fermenta is supplied with weights to submerge the food under the brine out of contact with oxygen.

Hygienic – The Fermenta is glazed ceramic. Plus the material is a non-porous and does not absorb liquid.

Additional information

Weight2.91 kg
Dimensions23 × 22 × 32 cm

3 reviews for The Fermenta Fermentation Crock Pot 2Lt

  1. JE

    I have just received my lovely Gartopf Ceramic Fermentation Crock and can’t wait to use it. Thank you so much for your really speedy delivery. I am most impressed! I bought my VitaMix from you in 2000 and we still use it daily!!! I started making kimchi in Ball jars 2 days ago. I used sterilised river pebbles as weights. I wait with interest to see what happens! Thanks to you I have also started spiralizing. Keep up your good work.

  2. Gregg Oosthuizen

    Surprisingly makes a lot of kimchi and a very clean, proper vessel for fermentation’s.

  3. Anonymous

    Won’t deal with large quantities, but perfect for preserves and pickles for a family of four. Lovely sleek design and easy to use.

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