Oscar juicer DA1000 – Drum (2)


Oscar juicer DA1000 – Drum (2)

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Oscar juicer DA1000 Drum

The Oscar juicer DA1000 drum is a key component for using your Oscar juicer. It is made from BPA free food-grade plastic. The Oscar juicer drum is used to connect your Oscar juicer base. It also connects the juicing screw to the front end drum cap. It also connects to the hopper which is used to feed fruit, vegetables. Plus nuts or whatever else that you are processing with your Oscar juicer.

Without a fully working drum, you can enjoy various healthy treats like fresh fruit and vegetable juice. In addition, you can make fruit sorbets, nut milk, and nut butter. When using the pasta making nozzles you will also be able to extrude pasta using your Oscar juicer.

Note! The manufacturer has discontinued the old DA1000 juicing strainer because it has been replaced with a newer more durable design. The warranty is no longer applicable to the juicing strainers marked (no number). If you have an Oscar DA1000 with the old juicing strainer (which has no identification number on it) the new strainer will not fit your existing drum.

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