Hooked on Raw By Rhio

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Hooked on Raw
By Rhio
Paperback 360 pages

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When a book is written like this one, it is virtually impossible not to fall in love with a raw diet. ‘Hooked on Raw’ is written about the author’s addiction to raw food. Usually, addiction is a bad thing but this kind of addiction is good for you. It makes life simple, reduces diseases and gives you an overall makeover. What you put into your body will reflect in your hair, skin, appearance and, most importantly, your health. The book has 358 pages and is written in bold, clear writing that makes it a comfortable read. The chapters are short and straight to the point. This book is written based on personal experiences. The most important aspect of this book is to have a healthier group of people in the 21st century.

Part 1

Hooked on raw, part 1 of this book looks at why you should consider a raw diet. The author gives many reasons for doing so. What I like about part 1 and how the author writes, is that it just makes sense. The facts are not covered by complicated terminologies or yawn-enticing quotes. This book is written in a simple plain format with no hidden agendas.

Part 2

How to prepare raw meals – what to eat, where to eat, when to eat and how to prepare the meal. The first vital ingredient for a raw diet is sprouting, as it is an excellent way to consume maximum nutrients, and Rhio gives a step-by-step simple process of how to do so, what can go wrong and how to store sprouts. Secondly, she advises on the correct equipment to gain the full benefit of a raw diet. She lists the various items needed such as juicers, cheese bags, dehydrators, a garlic press, etc and their uses. The author also looks at the emotional side of eating, what to do when you don’t feel satisfied and gives a detailed view on which foods work together thereby releasing maximum nutrition in one meal.

Part 3

This last part lists loads of delicious recipes, which is proof that you do not need to give up on all your favorite foods – you just need to find a healthier way to prepare them. Furthermore, it does not only focus on eating good food but it also looks at presentation. Hooked on raw shows how to turn any meal to an exotic dish as all the recipes are suitable for most occasions.

About the author

Rhio is an author and a musician who has done a lot of investigative reporting in the field of health and environmental issues. She has appeared on more than 50 television shows, has made a DVD entitled ‘What’s NOT cooking in Rhio’s kitchen’. She is considered to be very knowledgeable in the area of raw and living foods. Rhio has given lectures, radio talk shows and has a website that provides information about health-related issues.


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