DVD Healing Cancer from Inside Out By Anderson


Healing Cancer from the Inside Out
By Mike Anderson DVD Disc

In this DVD Mike Anderson discusses exactly how to heal cancer along with other ills in a safe and natural way. In addition this is valuable information to improve your health and well-being by simply eating right and changing your lifestyle you can avoid and heal cancer.

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In this DVD Mike Anderson discusses exactly how to heal cancer along with other illnesses in a safe an natural way. In addition this is valuable information to improve your health and wellbeing by simply eating right and changing your lifestyle you can avoid and heal cancer. Evidence of this can be found in the lancet along with other scientific journals by Dr. Dean Ornish or William Li

By Looking for Dr. Richard Schulze you will find much more practical recommendations; he is on the fringe of this practice and not (yet) accepted as well by the medical community, but if you have cancer or just want to be healthy it’s good to listen to him and decide for yourself what route to take.


This award-winning film is two hours long, in two parts, and covers a comprehensive range of topics.
Part 1:
Curing Cancer, deals with the failings of conventional cancer treatments and shows how conventional medicine wildly – and deceptively – exaggerates the benefits of treatments, while minimizing the risks. It will provide you with the information you need to accurately assess the risks and benefits of any treatment and speak intelligently to your doctor about such treatments. There is also a section on the ‘Cancer Industry’ which explains the history behind cancer treatments, the suppression of alternative treatments and why chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only treatments available to mainstream medicine.

Part 2:Healing Cancer, shows how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments and natural supplementation. It explains common misconceptions about cancer, shows how diets designed to fight cancer are more successful than conventional treatments, discusses startling cancer research findings with T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) and has interviews with people who have reversed cancers using diet. It also discusses supplementation and why attitude is important in reversing not only cancer, but any disease.

Participants include: T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. (The China Study), Brian Clement, Ph.D. (Hippocrates Health Institute), Brenda Cobb (The Living Foods Institute), Mirea Ellis (The Kushi Institute), Charlotte Gerson (The Gerson Institute), Matt Lederman, M.D. (Transition to Health, Inc.), Thomas Lodi, M.D. (An Oasis of Healing), John A. McDougall, M.D. )Dr. McDougall’s Health & Medical Center), and many moreÄ

The DVD is divided into chapters. simply skip through chapters by pressing the Next (or Previous) button on your DVD remote. The chapter number will be shown on your screen, e.g., 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, etc. References and graphics are shown, so if you want to study them, get familiar with the Pause button. Parts can be viewed independently. If you are primarily interested in healing cancer with diet, you can view Part 2 first, for example, then go back to Part 1 at your leisure.

Healing Cancer from Inside Out was encoded for use in all regions throughout the world.Doctors will definitely not like Healing Cancer from Inside Out if they had to sit through it, to be honest they will most likely hate it. Mike Anderson will show you how the medical industry has concentrated on treating these deceases instead of focusing on how to prevent them. Mike Anderson structured this film into 2 parts the first part being Curing Cancer and the second part – Healing Cancer Part 1 will teach you how the medical professions have worked to prevent and even block alternative therapies and develop a standard approach to treatments for medical conditions

Doctors can lose their license and even go to jail when they deviate from the accepted standard treatments. Part 2 will deal with diet and lifestyle as the main cancer fighters Healing Cancer from Inside Out features a number of quotations that appear on screen. The one that summarizes the message of the documentary is a statement by Paul Stitt, Ph.D who says, “The cure for cancer will not be found under the microscope, it’s on the dinner plate.”The standardized approach to medical treatment for cancer is focused on pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, and radiation. Doctors pay scant attention to changes in diet and lifestyle as a treatment regimen. Anderson’s father was a classic example of traditional medical treatment. A victim of Stage IV Melanoma, his father was diagnosed and sent home to die.By contrast, Mary Harrington tells her story of being diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma. After seeking an alternative treatment that involved changing her diet and lifestyle, she is still alive to share her story. After ten months on her program, she was clear of cancer. Mike Anderson will give a surprising statistic that says only 2% of cancers can be traced to genetics the real cause of cancer in not in your genes, it is found in your bad habits. Dr. John McDougall and Professor T. Colin Campbell appear on camera to say that diet and lifestyle are the real triggers for cancer.

Statistics show an evolving dietary change over the history of mankind. For most of that history the diet was 95% whole plant foods. Today that has shrunk to 7%. The 5% animal food content has ballooned to 42% of the diet. At one point there were no refined foods, but today’s diet contains 51%. As these changes occurred there were more cases of cancer. Few medical authorities have ever come forward to promote dietary changes as a cure or a preventive in the battle against cancer. In fact, Professor Barrie Cassileth, a spokesperson for the America Cancer Society, says, “No diet has ever been shown to cure cancer.” One memorable scene features Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute who tells of a woman who compared conventional therapy with that offered by the Gerson Institute. The woman asked an oncologist to give her the names of 20 patients and learned that 18 were dead. Gerson gladly gave the woman the names of 20 patients at the Gerson Institute. Eighteen of them were still alive. Charlotte Gerson’s husband Max Gerson, M.D. was hounded by the medical profession because he developed a natural treatment for degenerative diseases that featured organic vegetarian foods and juices, detoxification, and natural supplements. Anderson concludes the film with this shocking dedication: “This film is dedicated to the millions of innocent people who put their blind faith in the cancer industry and unnecessarily suffered and died as a result.”

Healing Cancer from Inside Out is a follow-up to Eating, Mike Anderson’s production that displayed the standard American diet as the “biggest cause of disease, disabilities, and death in the U.S. today.” In this film he is highly critical of the medical profession and its toxic chemical treatments for cancer that are doing more damage to cancer victims. Doctors continue ignoring and even suppressing alternative practices featuring diet and lifestyle changes that have benefited many people. A sad as it sounds changes will come slowly, if at all, because it is not financially rewarding for doctors to prescribe diet and lifestyle changes to cancer patients. So much money has been invested in current chemical and surgical treatments that a large audience for this documentary would create a financial threat to the medical industry, the cancer industry, and the pharmaceutical companies. If we all had to turn to dietary and lifestyle changes instead of the expensive treatments offered today then the medical industry, the cancer industry, and the pharmaceutical companies would be devastated.

Mike Anderson surely deserves special kudos for his extensive research and his impressive packaging of information. In Healing Cancer from Inside Out he introduces ideas and information that are not welcome on mainstream media but MUST be presented to the American public. He has created an enlightening film that will benefit anyone who views it. This film NEEDS to be seen.


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