Could It Be B12


Could it be B12
By Sally M. Pacholok, R.N., B.S.N., Jeffrey J. Stuart, D.O.
Paperback 324 pages

Could it be B12 looks at the symptoms and conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other mental illnesses associated with B12 deficiency.
Most of these symptoms are often misdiagnosed and treated with the wrong treatment, when all that is needed, is this often overlooked essential vitamin.

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Could it be B12? Do you or your loved ones suffer from …..

Alzheimer’s Disease – Dementia – Multiple Sclerosis – Autism – Depression – Fatigue – Mental Illness – Development Delays – Infertility – Frequent Falls – Forgetfulness

Is your current treatment not working?
Could it be B12?

When it comes to health, the number of factors involved is absolutely enormous. The big picture becomes even more complicated. Especially when we consider the different health information. As well as nutrition information and the amounts of exercises available. You just do not know what is right and what is not. Even the most highly trained people have their blind spot. Furthermore, it appears that one of them has resulted in an epidemic of wrong diagnoses.

Nurse Sally Pacholok, the co-author of Could It Be B12? joins us to shed light on the lack of vitamin. This is a widespread condition that can cause permanent nerve damage. As it turns out, the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are nearly impossible to set apart from a great many painful and life-changing issues. Including Alzheimer’s, memory loss, loss of function in muscles, mental illness, autism, depression, feeling tired all the time, and infertility. If you or your loved ones have been told that you have any of these conditions, Could it be B12? might just be the ray of hope you’ve been looking for.

Enjoy this informative interview with Sally Pacholock about Vitamin B12

About the author

Sally Pacholok, RN has been researching B12 deficiency and practicing emergency nursing for 26 years. In addition, she diagnosed herself with B12 deficiency after doctors failed to identify her condition. Plus, Pacholok is an educator and a public speaker. As well as, a frequent radio guest on nationally syndicated talk shows. She has also been in print and television interviews. She is an international lecturer and member of the Emergency Nurses Association. Could It Be B12? has been translated into Dutch and Slovenian. Furthermore, she won the Indie Excellence Award for best health book in 2011. Lastly, her life has been adapted to a television drama titled “Sally Pacholok”.

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