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Revolutionizing home juicing
Oscar Juicer Classic

Watch the Oscar Juicers in action

  • What you will find in the box when you buy an Oscar Juicer – Classic model.
  • How to assemble and disassemble with a demonstration on the use of the adjustment ring.
  • The Oscar juicer is a multipurpose juicer being able to juice fruit, vegetables, leaves and grass.
  • The blank screen can make baby food, frozen fruit ice cream, nut milks, nut butters and extrude pasta as well as grinding coffee.
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This Selection Of Videos Include (But Are Not Limited To)

Making Fruit Ice Cream
How to make carrot/orange juice
Grinding coffee
Making nut butter

Oscar Juicer. More Than Just A Juicer. It’s A 9-In-1 Kitchen Appliance.

Oscar juicers are the leading brand when it comes to ‘slow’ juicing. As a ‘slow juicer’ it does not mean that it takes longer to juice because the cleanup with an Oscar juicer is up to 5 times faster than other juicers, so juicing with an Oscar takes a similar time to juice but it means a more adequate juice which provides;

  • More antioxidants and nutrients for healthier skin and a stronger immune system
  • Minimum froth and oxidation, your juice stays fresh longer
  • 100% juice bursting with flavour while producing dry pulp

With a small countertop footprint, the Oscar Juicer not only looks good but does good as well. Health simply tastes better with an Oscar Juicer!….What is there not to love?

The Oscar Juicer Comes With A BPA-Free Ultem™️ Tuff Screw

which processes produce in 3 stages:


The screw takes in the food in large sections and gently, but firmly, breaks it into reasonable pieces so that the food content is pushed into stage 2.

In this section the food content is then broken down further and crushed into small pieces.

This is where the extraction happens. In this final stage the fine pieces are forced against the wall of the drum cap literally crushing the juice out of the fruit/ vegetable/herb or grass. The juice is strained through the juicing strainer and the dry pulp is ejected through the opening in the drum cap.

What Juices Can An Oscar Juicer Make?

Both models of the Oscar Juicer are able to juice all hard fruits and vegetables, plus juicy fruits such as grapes and citrus and perform excellent results on wheatgrass and all leafy greens. Even being able to juice parsley.

The Oscar Juicers are wonderful to make baby food. Steam the vegetables lightly and make delicious vegetable combinations that you can freeze.

Why baby food with the Oscar? Because the processing screw of the Oscar moves so slowly there is minimal oxidation caused when compared to a blender. The baby food is top quality with no added, salt, sugar or preservatives.

The Oscar Juicer makes a delicious almond milk with just soaked almonds and water.

Flavour the milk with a little salt for unsweetened. Add vanilla and sweetener of your choice for a tasty flavoured milk.


Delicious nut butters made with just nuts. No sugar, salt, or preservatives. You are in control of the ingredients!

Using the blank screen, the Oscar Juicers can grind wet and dry ingredients including coffee beans, chilli, garlic and ginger as examples of the wet ingredients.

Great Features From This Amazing Juicer

  • High quality cold extracted juice
  • Three phase mechanism, which breaks up, crushes and presses
  • Produces nutrient and enzyme rich juice due to the low speed
  • Uncomplicated, easy to operate
  • Containers for the pulp and juice supplied
  • Pusher has a silicone ring, to seal in juicier fruits
  • Pulp discharges directly out of the juicer – no internal storage
  • BPA-Free Ultem™️ Tuff screw – extra strong
  • 100% BPA & BPS free on all parts that come into contact with the juice and produce
  • Adjustable drum cap to control juice yield
  • Holds herbicides and pesticides back into the pulp
  • Silent motor
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Informative manual
  • Dry pulp
  • Front-end replacements available and these juicers are repairable
  • Cleans up in just 2 minutes

How To Clean An Oscar Juicer

Easiest Juicer to Clean – 2 minute clean-up

  • Simply detach the front end and dismantle
  • Remove pulp in the drum cap, the strainer and on the screw and rinse
  • Scrape the pulp off the screen of the juicing strainer with the back of the brush provided.
  • Use the brush to remove remaining pulp in the strainer and rinse
  • Cleans up in just 2 minutes!

Comparison Between The Oscar Juicer And A Centrifugal Juicer

Oscar JuicerCommon Centrifugal
Really easy to cleanDifficult to clean
Cold extraction / Slow crushingHeat generating
Juices fruit, vegetables and leafy greens and wheatgrassHigh-speed spinning
Very quietNoisy
Juices can be storedJuices oxidize immediately
High torque, low speed induction motor (long lasting)High spinning, low torque direct drive motor
Thermal overload protectionNo protection from over-heating
Spare parts availableMostly not repairable
Compact, kitchen friendly design (small footprint)Often too large to store on a kitchen counter
Herbicides and pesticides are held back in the pulpHerbicides and pesticides released into the juice
Multi-tasking. Can make nut milks, nut butters, pates, crushed herbs and moreHard fruit and vegetables. Cannot juice wheatgrass and some leafy greens

Green Juice For Weight-Loss, Prevention Of Illness And Detox

Dr Mercola emphasises the value of Green Juice

“Celebrities and health experts alike agree that drinking green juice is the number one habit to adopt for a healthier lifestyle “ When you drink fresh-made green juice, it is almost like receiving an intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes because they go straight into your system without having to be broken down. Drinking your juice first thing in the morning can give you a natural energy boost without resorting to stimulants like coffee. Since the juice is already in an easily digestible form, it can help revitalize your energy levels within as little as 20 minutes… and this is only the beginning of its benefits.” Dr Mercola.

  • Promoting weight-loss: Thousands of people have changed their lives for the good by losing weight naturally without taking any medication or supplements that do more harm than good. Juices are very low in calories while providing all the nutrients and vitamins that you need to function 100%
  • Prevent illnesses: The cost of medical aids these days is outrageous, the statement ‘prevention is better than cure’ has never been more true. Green juices are also highly alkalizing, which helps raise the PH balance and prevent diseases caused by an acidic environment such as diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and osteoporosis, to name a few
  • Detox: An unhealthy diet causes a lot of issues like bloating, constipation, skin breakouts and an overall unhealthy bowel movement. Every now and then it is important to clean the system out
  • Easy absorption of nutrients: Juice gives your digestive system a break, as the fruits and vegetables are predigested during the juicing process, the juice is easily absorbed and the nutrients assimilated
  • Increasing intake of fruit and vegetables: We all want to be healthy and live life to the fullest and in one way or the other we have heard that the secret to this lies in eating a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. Juicing is a delicious way to consume a large amount of fruit and vegetables that you normally wouldn’t consume…….even if it were a salad

Everything Else You Need To Know About The Oscar Juicer

Oscar Juicer Classic
  • The Oscar Juicer is a slow juicer operating at 63 – 75 RPM, this means that it gently extracts liquid from vegetables without heating up the juice. When using a slow juicer, little to no foam is produced, compared to centrifugal juicers that can have up to 50% foam. Why is this important? It means that your juice is not exposed to oxygen so it stays fresh longer and maintains the nutritional integrity of the juice.
  • It is suitable for leafy greens and wheatgrass…the secret to a healthier you is in increasing your intake of green vegetables and with a juicer this is as easy as chop, juice and drink.
  • There are no sharp objects on the Oscar Juicer making it 100% child friendly….with adult supervision of course.
  • The Oscar Juicer’s manufacturer was one of the first Companies to recognize the need to be 100% BPA/BPS free on all parts that come into contact with the juice and produce. With an Oscar Juicer you know that anything that goes into your body does not contain any chemicals that can harm your body and cause disease.
  • Unlike most juicers, the Oscar Juicer Classic comes with 3 strainers. A juicing strainer, blank screen and a *New* Coarse strainer that is excellent for fleshier fruits like strawberries, oranges and watermelons….remember even fleshy fruits should have some liquid so no you cannot juice bananas or papaya….however you could always use your blank screen and make tasty purees.
  • The Oscar Juicer produces a very dry pulp saving you a fortune on produce as you need less produce compared to when juicing with another juicer that produces pulp that is considerably wet.
  • The silicone ring on the pusher is useful for pushing down softer and over ripe fruits to get out every last drop of juice.
  • A quiet motor, it is so quiet you can have a conversation while the juicer is running.

About The Oscar Juicer Models

The Oscar Juicer Classic is the latest in the Oscar juicer range and it takes juicing to a completely new level. All you have come to expect from an Oscar Juicer and further enhanced by a larger feeding tube that converts this juicer into a mostly self-feeding juicer. In addition to the fine juicing strainer, the Classic model is supplied with an additional coarse strainer. This combined with a pusher that comes with a silicone ring makes juicing fleshy fruits a ‘walk in the park’. The elegant new design and classy pearl white color compliments any kitchen and begs to be displayed on any kitchen counter.

MODELOscar Juicer Classic
ColourPearl White
Short descriptionExtracts fresh juice from fruit, vegetables, and leafy greens. It can also make nut butter, nut milk, frozen fruit desserts and more.
Screens2 x Juicing screen (1 x fine and 1 x coarse) and 1 x blank screen
Feeding tubeYes (larger than the previous models)
Pasta nozzles4
Optional extrasSlicer / Ice crusher
Drum cap optionsStandard adjustable and optional drum cap with no adjustment
Reverse switchYes
Motor200 Watt single induction motor
MethodCold press slow masticating juicer
Auger speed63-75 RPM
Footprint (base only) dimensions29 x 18.5 x 21.5 cm
Dimensions (Juicer Complete)44.5 x 18.5 x 32 cm
Weight (Juicer Complete)6.56 kg
Warranty (household use)20 years for the motor. 5 years usage warranty for the front end parts
Warranty (household use)20 years for the motor. 5 years usage warranty for the front end parts
Warranty (commercial use)3 years for the motor. 6 months usage warranty for the front end parts
Oscar Juicer Classic

Comparing A Vertical Slow Juicer With The Oscar Juicer

The Pro’s of a vertical slow juicer

  • It is somewhat quicker than a horizontal juicer as it has a bigger juicing screw.
  • Most new models come with a wider feeding tube that can fit an entire apple.
  • The vertical juicers can juice leafy greens, fruit and firm vegetables.

Con’s Of A Vertical Slow Juicer

  • By advertising the facility to juice a whole apple, this type of juicer is recommending the juicing of fruit. It is widely acknowledged in the health fraternity that pure fruit juice contains too much unbound sugar which can be a serious health risk.
  • Some vertical juicers are designed for juicing only and are not designed for other functions.
  • A vertical juicer is not as easy to assemble and disassemble as a horizontal juicer.
  • A vertical juicer is not the best option for juicing wheatgrass.
  • A vertical juicer is is not as easy or quick to clean as a horizontal juicer.
  • The vertical juicer produces more pulp in the juice than a horizontal juicer.
  • This technology is relatively new and requires continuous development.

Pro’s Of An Oscar Juicer

  • It is more than just a juicer, it is a 9-in-1. With capabilities to puree, grind wet and dry ingredients like coffee beans as well as extrude pasta.
  • It is simply the better option for juicing leafy greens and wheatgrass.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Cleans up in just 2 minute
  • One of the best warranties available for juicers – a 20 year warranty on the motor.
  • The Oscar juicer has been around for decades and is absolutely tried and tested.

Con’s Of An Oscar Juicer

  • You will need to hashtag your apple and some other larger fruit or vegetables (cut it into pieces). We beg the question as to what you will do with the 10 seconds that you can save by putting a single apple into a vertical juicer?
Oscar Juicer Classic

What Comes In The Box Of An Oscar Juicer?

Oscar Juicer Classic
Important warranty registration card
Oscar Juicer Classic motor base in pearl white
Fine juicing strainer for hard and less juicy fruits and vegetables, greens and wheatgrass
Course juicing strainer
Blank screen
Drum combined with hopper
Adjustable drum cap
4 Pasta and extrusion nozzles
2 Collection bowls
Pusher with silicone seal
Cleaning brush
Oscar Juicer Classic

Comparing A Vertical Slow Juicer With The Oscar Juicer


Fits both models – available in black or white.
So simple to attach to your Oscar. Just remove the front end and replace with the slicing attachment

  • Grates ice to be suitable for drinks and for making an ice bed for keeping buffet-style food cool and fresh
  • Slices vegetables suitable for salads and stir-frys

With No adjustment ring – Classic model only

This is useful for people who just want to operate on ‘automatic’ with no facility for adjustment.

Comparing A Vertical Slow Juicer With The Oscar Juicer

  • 1. Ensure that the locking clip on the motor base is at OPEN.
  • 2. Attach the drum to the motor base and turn the Locking clip to CLOSE.
  • 3. Insert the screw shaft into the drum and push until well seated in the motor base.
  • 4. Insert the juicing strainer or the blank screen into drum in the position shown.
  • 5. Place the drum cap onto the drum and turn anti-clockwise to lock.
  • 6. Lastly lock the pressure cap to the drum cap – for Juicing only, not when processing with the blank screen.
  • 7. The Oscar Juicer is ready for use.
Oscar Juicer Classic

Comparing A Vertical Slow Juicer With The Oscar Juicer

Household warranty:

The Oscar Juicer Classic has a household-only warranty of 20 years on the motor and 5 years on the front end parts. Please note that this is a warranty and not a guarantee. The front-end parts, like tyres on a car, are subject to wear and tear and should be replaced periodically. The warranty covers the untimely breakage of parts, taking into consideration the method of use and the produce being used.  The warranty only covers manufacturing defects.  Parts broken through wear and tear are not covered.

Commercial warranty:

As of 1 April 2018 the following warranty will apply:
Motor – 3 Year. (The warranty only covers manufacturing defects.  Parts broken through wear and tear are not covered.)
Front-End / Processing Parts – 6 Month usage warranty.