Oscar Classic Juicer Pusher Black


Oscar Classic Plunger Black

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Oscar Classic Juicer Pusher Black

A must-have item for your Oscar Classic Juicer. The Oscar pusher is designed with a yellow silicone seal ring which is perfect for softer fruit.

Why do you need an Oscar Classic Juicer Pusher?

  • Firstly, a plunger gently compresses fruit and vegetable pieces. It then pushes food particles into the rotating screw for quick and efficient processing
  • Secondly, it is specially designed to fit your Oscar Classic feeding tube. Lastly, you can not use other household objects such as knives or spoons as these can get caught up in the auger and permanently damage your juicer

Made from food grade BPA-free plastic.



Additional information

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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