OmniBlend 2Ltr Jug Complete


2 Litre Pro Jug, Stainless Steel Blades, Lid and Tamper.

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The 2lt jug is also known as our food blender jug. The size and shape is ideal for (restaurant) kitchens blending sauces, purees, pesto, dressings, hummus, and spreads. This jug is also suited for cocktails, smoothies and smoothie bowls, however, the 1.5lt jug is recommended for icy drinks like slushies. Similar to the 1.5ltr narrow base jug, the 2lt jug is suited for grinding dry ingredients too. For home use, this is the allrounder you’re looking for, as it is suited for your daily smoothies, as well as making nut milk, blending soups, sauces, and hummus. Or try your hands on date balls, vegan cheeses, nut butters, and grinding oat/nut flours for a baking feast.

The polycarbonate material is extremely durable in commercial environments. The stainless steel blades are strong, durable, and replaceable. The jug comes complete with lid and tamper and fits all OmniBlend models. Jugs are interchangeable on the base, making it possible to work with different jug sizes on the same base (without sound cover). Or hold several jugs to handle high volumes or various purposes in the bar and kitchen, lowering your investment and get the best blender price.




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