Ezidri Ultra Digital Dehydrator


The BRAND NEW Ezidri Ultra Digital Dehydrator

Digital Timer = 1-48 hrs

Digital Temperature Control = 30-70°C with adjustments in 5°C increments

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The Ezidri Ultra Digital Dehydrator is a market-leading good quality food dehydrator. Designed in New Zealand. Made in the East according to high specifications. Tried and tested for years.

Designed specifically for bulk preserving. This home food dehydrator is in a league of its own. It has no competition in South Africa. Whether you want to make healthy snacks and treats for your immediate family or start a small business. The Ezidri Ultra Digital Food Dehydrator is your go-to dehydrator for all your dehydrating needs!

What can you dry with your Ezidri Ultra digital dehydrator?

  • Fruit and vegetables for snacks and harvest storage
  • Raw veggie burger patties
  • Homemade granola
  • Cake and biscuit decor
  • Dry arts and crafts
  • Dry flowers
  • Treats for your pets
  • Lightweight meals for hiking and camping
  • Raw food delights such as eggplant biltong
  • Biltong and much more

Features of the Ezidri Ultra Digital Dehydrator

  • Simple to use – for drying anything from biltong to raw-food friendly foods. Even most gentle items such as herbs and flowers.  No more over-drying
  • The unique airflow design allows dehydration of different produce at the same time with flavours and tastes not mixing
  • Stable temperature adjustable ranging from 30-70 °C (Adjusting in 5 °C increments) and Timer from 1-48hr by Digital Control.  Auto temperature reduction to 30 °C on completion of the set time, and continue to operate until the unit is switched off, to ensure that rehydration will not occur, especially when operated in humid conditions. Ensures even drying – no need to swap trays. Unlike cheap dehydrators. Where there is only one temperature setting that is so high that it actually burns food. Raw-food friendly!
  • Automatic cool-down – Sets to 30°C  at the end of the cycle which avoids re-hydration
  • No cross-contamination – patented design so each tray receives fresh air
  • Flexibility – a huge selection of produce can be dried. Ranging from fruit rolls. Sliced fruit and vegetables, small-leaved herbs, small fruit slices. Solid veggie burger patties can be made too with the various surfaces available. These include trays, spacers, solid sheets, mesh sheets, etc.
  • Safety – It is so safe that when used incorrectly switch off. That is why it has international IEC and CE marks of safety certification
  • Space-saving – a small design that will not take up a lot of space in your kitchen
  • Time-saving –  you can make up to 30 trays for Herbs & Flower drying, 24 trays of Fruit, Vegetables and Biltong and up to 15 trays of fruit rolls, meals and soup at one time
  • BPA-Free – trays, spacers, solid sheets, and mesh sheets
  • Shape – Round shape allows the air to flow more evenly. Compared to a rectangular designed unit
  • Exceptionally Quiet operation

What’s in the box?

Complete with 5 trays, 1 Mesh sheet, 1 Solid sheet & Instruction /Recipe Book


To download the Manual – Click this LINK

Drying Guides

To download the Drying Guides – Click this LINK

The unique airflow

The airflow design allows dehydration of different produce at the same time without mixing any of the  flavours or tastes of the various items being dehydrated.  No tray rotation required either, saving you time end effort.

More about the Ezidri Ultra Digital Dehydrator

Dehydrator Specifications

  • Expandable up to 30 trays for herbs and flower drying
  • Wattage: 1000
  • Voltage: 230-240V AC
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Weight:  4.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 41 x 42 x 32cm
  • Materials: Food safe material
  • Digital Temperature control and timer

Optional Extras

Solid Sheets or Non-Stick cloth sheets – for liquid substances

Mesh Sheets – supports fine produce such as herbs and berries

Timer – Boasting a digital timer facility 1-48hr, it has the ability to be left overnight and automatically switches off before produce over-dries.

Spacers – for extra height

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Household use:  2-year
Commercial use: 1-year

Additional information

Weight 7,135 kg
Dimensions 41 × 42 × 31 cm