AlphaAqua Big Blue Water Purifier 50 cm


This filter supplies every water outlet inside your house with filtered water. The main filtration method is GAC (Carbon) and KDF with pre and post polypropylene barrier filters. Filters up to 1.5 million litres before replacement of GAC and KDF.

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AlphaAqua Big Blue Water Purifier is a unique three filter combination system. Furthermore, it is specially designed as a water cleaning unit. Even more, this system cleans water supplied to the whole house.

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Clean all incoming water. Through connecting the filter into the water supply. (usually outside the kitchen area so that water to the garden is not filtered).

The filter uses a KDF/Carbon filter combination. Even better, the filter combination removes chlorine and cancer-causing heavy metals.

All pipes in the entire house are kept clean. Therefore, appliances using water will be kept in better condition.

Furthermore, your bath and shower will have healthy chlorine-free water. In addition, the washing machine, dishwasher, all bathroom taps (hot and cold) will have clean filtered water. Even the toilets get clean water. This means less maintenance in the entire house. Lastly, you are assured that when bathing or showering, your open pores are not absorbing cancer-causing chemicals.

The pre-filter removes heavy materials to protect the main filter. As a result, it is then able to filter probably up to 1.5 million liters (give or take) before replacement. The BigBlue has a Post-filter which further enhances the quality of the water. It is known as a polishing filter. Hence, it has the ability to remove any particles larger than 5 microns.

AlphaAqua Big Blue Water Purifier Recommendations for choice of size

25cm is recommended for a household of 2-3 people
50cm is recommended for a household of 4-8 people

Recommendations for replacement of filters

Pre-filter every 6 months
Post-filter every 6 months
AlphaAqua Big BlueCarbon/KDF filter cartridge every 12 – 18 months.
Please note that the loose Carbon and KDF has now been replaced with a KDF/Carbon filter cartridge

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Dimensions 69 × 44 × 23 cm


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