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Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 5200 Red

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Vitamix Tritan 0.9Ltr Jug, 2P Lid, Spatula, Dry Blade

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Vitamix Tritan 0.9Ltr Jug, 2P Lid, Tamper, Wet Blade

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Vitamix Tritan 2Ltr Jug, 2P Lid, Tamper, Wet Blade

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About This Product

Quick Overview

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center(TNC) 5200

    The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 5200 is MUCH MUCH MORE THAN A BLENDER!! When you purchase a Vitamix, you are buying a whole new healthy lifestyle. The Vitamix will unleash the power of foods, increase the phyto availability of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seed to help you gain the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. With a Vitamix super blender everything is done in just SECONDS with NO ATTACHMENTS! This amazing super blender performs over 35 different culinary jobs with ease and can easily replace 10 kitchen appliances.

A Vitamix is for anyone

  1. concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  2. interested in getting total nutrition from whole foods
  3. who wants to enjoy the creamiest smoothies known to mankind
  4. who wants to prepare nutritious and tasty foods that the whole family will enjoy
  5. who wants to take the work out of preparing gourmet meals

No matter who you are, you can look better, feel better and have a lot more time to enjoy life with a Vitamix! Essential equipment for a raw food diet.

Why invest in a Vitamix rather than purchase another high-speed blender?


Comment from Colleen Thornhill the importer of Vitamix blenders since 1995, over 20 years !

''As the importer of the Vitamix for over 20 years, and other high-speed blenders, having visited the Vita-Mix factory in 1999 and again more recently, we know that with Vita-Mix blenders there are NO short-cuts in quality or design. These machines are built to last! How do we know? We still service those early machines from 1995, machines that are used every day! Do we have the confidence in any other super blender to stand up to the pounding that a Vitamix can sustain and still produce a satin smooth smoothie, frozen desert, hot soup in 4 minutes from raw veg, grind grain and knead bread? The answer is a resounding no. Vita-Mix as a Company have been around making blenders for over 70 years, they are sold in over 100 countries around the world, used by all the top notch chefs, hailed as the best blender by most raw fooders and this is why, even with the impact of the weak Rand we still stand by the Vitamix as a great investment in your health. Invest in prevention rather than cure! ''

You are buying quality and reliability - Full 7 Year warranty


The Vita-Mix full warranties cover parts and performance. Since fewer than 1% of the products in the U.S. currently under warranty have been returned for service, its the best warranty you'll probably never need.

Comment from Colleen Thornhill.

''In over 20 years of selling and servicing Vitamix blenders we have experienced minimal repairs resulting in us being proud distributors with very happy customers.''


More than just smoothies... With a Vitamix you can make

  1. Pesto, salsa and other tasty side dishes
  2. Shredded cabbage for coleslaw
  3. Steaming hot soups from raw veg in 4 minutes
  4. Frozen sorbets and ice-creams in under 15 seconds
  5. Creamy nut butters - no added oils
  6. Nut milks
  7. Grind grains
  8. Knead dough for bread
  9. Pulverize seeds, herbs
  10. Condiments
  11. Vegetable and fruit purees
  12. Sauces and dressings

The list is endless - For more information on what your Vitamix can do click here.

So, which is a better, stronger motor? Vitamix 2Hp or other 3Hp blenders? Learn the truth about horsepower ratings.

Some of our competitors express the power of their machines by listing the misleading input horsepower rating rather than the more accurate peak output horsepower rating that Vita-Mix uses. Get the full story

Vitamix features


Prepare large or small batches of food - The Vitamix 5200 Total Nutrition Center is supplied with a 2 litre BPA-free jug where a full 2 litre batch can be processed and as little as 1 cup, offering great versatility.

Control - The variable speed controls give you complete control of the texture of your blend. The dial can be turned at any point during the blending process, to give you the result you desire.

Hot and Cold - This Super blender is flexible enough to give you frozen desserts and steaming hot soups all in one machine. The Vitamix blades reach speeds fast enough to create friction bring cold ingredients to steaming hot in under 7 minutes.

Self Cleaning - Just add water and a drop of dishwashing liquid and turn onto high. Done!

Are there any Add-Ons to a Vitamix blender?

Your Vitamix blender comes standard with a full 2 litre BPA-Free jug with a soft-touch handle, a tamper and no other attachments. However there are two super add-ons - the 0,9 litre jugs, one that processes wet ingredients and the other processing dry ingredients.

Comment from Colleen Thornhill -

''Although you can adequately prepare everything that this amazing super-blender can make with the 2 litre jug, I just love using my 0,9 litre jug for all the smaller quantity processing with the mini tamper and, to grind grains and knead bread with the specially designed dry blade assembly fitted to a 0,9 litre jug.''

Click here for all the OPTIONAL JUGS

What you will find in the sealed box when your Vitamix Blender is delivered?

If you need more information as to all the reasons Why Vitamix visit the information pages of Health Essentials and the UK pages of

Other Vitamix models

Please note that due to the very weak South African Rand, the higher cost models are not available in South Africa. The Total Nutrition Center (Model 5200) is the most tried and tested model manufactured by Vita-Mix which is fully supported by Healthmakers.

Read what Vogue Magazine has to say:


''It just obliterates the sh*t out of what you put in there,'' adds Glanville. ''If I see a Vitamix in somebody's home, I learn a lot about that person. It means you actually care about how you make a thing. Such is the buzz around Vitamix. If it seems as if you're hearing about it more, that’s because you are. For every cynic there are multiple converts, which is why the Vitamix Venn diagram is steadily expanding and now covers Michelin-starred chefs, professional athletes, hot sauce–makers, and my two-year-old son. If you were running for office, that coalition would win you the election. ''

Click here for Vitamix Total Nutrition Center Blades, Jugs, Tampers and drive sockets.


The Vitamix performs 35 different kitchen tasks with no attachments. Equipped with a powerful motor, patented blade and built to last! When you buy a Vitamix you buy a lifestyle. Available in Black, White, and Red. Request a FREE DVD and see this fine product in action.

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