Rebuild Your Health

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Rebuild Your Health
By Dr. Ann Wigmore Paperback

Are you suffering from allergies, Depression, Chronic Exhaustion, Addiction, struggling to lose weight and other serious health problems? These are issues that over 80% of people face in society on a daily basis. The secret to overcoming this is a complete change in lifestyle.  Rebuild your Health is the perfect resource to help you overcome the biggest health problems. Written by Dr Ann Wigmore, a world-renowned health expert who specialized in the living foods lifestyle.  This book has all the information you need, about what causes illnesses and what the natural cures are. You will learn how cooking food destroys enzymes that are essential for the body. The author then explains the benefits of a raw lifestyle and provides several strategies and recipes to help you get started. You will learn how to make wheatgrass juice, rejuvelac and raw soup and much more.