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Quick Overview


 Versatile and Cost effective - An Oscar is much more than just a juicer.

      Juices fruit, vegetables, wheatgrass and herbs, makes nut milks and nut butters, pâtés, frozen desserts, baby       foods, crushes fresh spices, grinds coffee and more.

 Extracts maximum juice from fruit, vegetables, herbs and grasses.

       A major money saver! (Do not feed your garbage with wet pulp).

 Cold pressed masticating process produces minimal impact on produce.
       Giving you the best quality health and healing juice.



Oscar juicers are the leading brand when it comes to 'slow' juicing. With over 25 years experience in the field of cold pressed juicing, Oscar leads while others follow. The DA900 model is a cold pressed masticating type juicer that operates almost noiselessly. At a low speed of 80 rpm to provide you with fast nutrition by producing 100% fresh juice that is rich in enzymes, vitamins minerals and phytonutrients and the taste, simply amazing!

As a ‘slow' juicer it does not mean that the entire juicing experience is slower but rather that this extraction method tears open the cell membranes and releases every last drop of enzyme and nutrient rich liquid providing;

 More antioxidants and nutrients for healthier skin and a stronger immune system.

 Minimum froth and oxidation, your juice stays fresh longer.

 100% juice bursting with flavour while producing a dry pulp.


Juice extracted from an Oscar DA900 is known as cold extraction juice and is best acknowledged in international health circles to be the best quality juice and highly recommended for healing and the maintenance of health.



 Multi functional appliance. Juicer + + +.

 Simple to operate with no adjustments - On - Off and Reverse - All on one switch.

 Enjoy a really small compact counter-top footprint - detach the front-end.

 Exceptionally quick and easy to clean.

 Lowest investment Oscar model.

 Continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection.

 Built in safety device which prevents the motor from burning out. The DA900 will shut down when overheated and will       automatically commence operation again when cooled down.

 The Oscar DA900 was awarded a gold medal at the Geneva International Invention and Patent Products Exhibition in       2004.

  Weighs in at a mighty 6.09 Kg.

 Manufactured in Korea where the manufacturers place high importance on the quality of the products.

 The quiet operation enables you to juice at any hour of the day.

 Tried and tested flag-ship model that has been a top seller for over 10 years.



Why they call the Oscar DA900 a 9-in-1 appliance….

Juicing with the 'Juicing strainer'




The Oscar juicer is excellent for juicing most fruits




Vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, wheatgrass and aloe.

Juice your selection of vegetables and leafy greens including spinach, kale, cucumber, beetroot, carrots, etc. You are not limited to these, you can also juice wheatgrass and aloe!



Non-dairy milks (Soya, coconut, nut and seed milks)
Non-dairy milks are a great alternative to dairy milk for vegans, anyone who just loves these delicious nut and seed milks and those that are lactose intolerant.


Processing with the 'Blank Screen'



Wet grinding

Oh! the wonders you can do with this little appliance. Grind seasonings and herbs such as garlic, onions, red peppers, ginger, radishes, basil, chillies, etc.



Dry grinding
Nut butters and peanut butter excluding hydrogenated oils, sugar, additives and preservatives.

Dry ingredients such as coffee beans, dried chillies and toasted bread to make bread crumbs. You are only limited by your own imagination.




Baby foods are often laden with sugars that can be harmful for health, and bottled foods are advertised as being shelf stable for up to 2 years. How healthy can that be?

With an Oscar juicer you can turn cooked or raw organic fruit and vegetables into smooth purées that are excellent nutrition for babies and for palliative care patients.



Frozen desserts
The Oscar DA900 is known for turning frozen fruits into healthy and delicious sorbets that are preservative, colourant and additive free. These are a great treat that can be enjoyed by the entire family, guilt free! The best part? You can combine different fruits together and experiment with flavours to create a sorbet that works just for you.



Pasta maker

You can make your own healthy pasta and noodles with the Oscar DA900. Simply make your dough with or without eggs and add spinach juice for green noodles, carrot juice for orange noodles and beetroot juice for dark red noodles



Slicer and ice shaver (optional attachment)

Slices - potatoes, cucumber, carrot, etc., and shreds cabbage for coleslaw or sauerkraut, in no time at all.

Ice shaver - create ice shavings to add to juices or to keep foods fresh on a bed of ice.



With an Oscar DA900 .....

 Save by having just one appliance for all these processes.

 Save kitchen top space with only one small footprint appliance.

 Save money with your 9-in-1 Oscar juicer DA900.



3 Stage juice extraction

The Oscar Juicer utilises revolutionary juicing technology to produce a high yield of juice and a dry pulp. The juicing screw rotates at a low 80 revolutions per minute in a 3 stage function. The lower the RPM the better the nutrient retention.

Stage 1 - The screw takes in the food in large sections and gently but firmly breaks it into reasonable sized pieces which are then pushed into stage 2.

Stage 2 - The food is broken down further and crushed into smaller pieces.

Stage 3 - The final stage is where the extraction takes place, the finely crushed food pieces are forced against the wall of the juicing stainer, literally crushing the liquid from each cell wall creating a purée. The purée then passes through the juicing strainer and the juice is thoroughly separated from the pulp. The pulp is ejected from the drum cap and the juice through another opening.

The combined motor and gearbox creates minimal vibration which makes the Oscar juicer one of the quietest juicers on the market. The 200 watt induction motor gives it sufficient power and high torque to run twice as long as other juicers which is why it is backed by a 20 year warranty.



Assembling and dismantling your juicer is as easy as 1,2, 3 even a child can handle the entire process with ease. To encourage them to want to drink juice and instil in them the concept of healthy living.

“ How important is it to juice vegetables? Based on my many decades of research into health, I can confidently say that high quality juice is simply the most efficient form of supplementation for health and healing. A cold-pressed-type juicer like the Oscar is the best investment you can make in your health because it extracts the maximum top quality juice and is also so much more than only a juicer. Add to its capabilities the ability to juice wheatgrass, make nut butters, baby food, make frozen sorbets, pasta, pâtés and more. You get excellent value for money and know that it is a product that will last and last with the 20 year motor warranty.” Colleen Thornhill



 The Oscar DA900’s method of extraction holds herbicides and pesticides back in the pulp, producing the safest juice       available!

 All parts that come into contact with the food are BPA-free.

 Built in reverse function which helps with smooth operation during the juicing process.

 Juice extracted from an Oscar Juicer gives you more of everything compared to a centrifugal juicer.



 A centrifugal juicer is the standard superstore type juicer which juices with a high spinning mechanism.


Juice extracted using an Oscar

 Has a healthy even colour, showing

      that it’s full of enzymes and nutrients

 More juice yield

 Less foam

 Minimal oxidation

 Juices fruit, vegetables, wheatgrass

      and leafy greens

Juice extracted using a centrifugal juicer

 Rapid oxidation

 Juice separates

 Less juice yield

 A lot of foam

 Limited to one function

 Cannot juice wheatgrass

 Less efficient with leafy greens


Cleaning area of an Oscar juicing strainer compared to a centrifugal juicing strainer!




Portable motor and handle

Pasta making nozzles

Front end

Manual + recipe book + warranty registration cards

Collection bowls + cleaning brush + pusher + sieve



 Screw revolves at 80 RPM

 200 Watt single phase induction motor

 Dimensions - 44 x 23 x 28 cm

 Weight 6.09 kg (unboxed)

 220 Volts







With a 20 year warranty on the motor and a 2 year warranty on the front end parts, you will be using your juicer for a very long time. This warranty is for reasonable household use only. The front end parts, like tyres on a car, are subject to wear and tear and should be replaced periodically as good maintenance of your juicer. Please note that this is a warranty and not a guarantee meaning that the manufacturer warrants that the parts should, like the example of tyres, perform adequately until they break through their expected lifetime use. The warranty covers untimely breakage.

All the Oscar juicers are repairable, if you have any issues with your juicer, our friendly service department will assist you.



 Free delivery to the door *T’s & C’s

 Direct access to the service centre in the unlikely event of a repair

 Automatic membership to the Oscar Lifestyle Family - Receive monthly e-news       with Oscar tips and recipes



Actively choose to do better, feel better, live better for you and your family. Prevention is always better than cure and the Oscar juicer is a small price to pay for health at its best!

Remember that choosing an Oscar DA900 means owning much more than juicer its a 9-in-1 appliance.


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