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This recipe book is over 200 pages, has a great feel with the glossy pages and amazing photographs and offers true sharing by gourmet chef Antonia DeLuca, of not only her prized recipes but also the history of her family that led to her connection with food.

This is a perfect book for someone on a high raw diet. So many of the vegan books available are compiled strictly of raw food. In my experience there are a number of vegetables that don’t score high on the appeal list when they are raw. This includes broccoli and eggplant as just a couple of examples. So, Antonia takes you on a vegan journey of raw and cooked food both gourmet and simple dishes.

For anyone who has been to the leafy greens cafe and seen and tasted the spread of delicious food available at the buffet, they can attest to the fact that this food in spite of being vegan has mass appeal.

Recipes from our organic garden covers freshly squeezed juices from a ginger shot to a raw mint Mojito, smoothies such as a vegan Mango Lassie made with soya milk and super foods and a purple sunset made with tropical fruits including pineapple banana mango and some mixed berries. The recipe names are as enticing as the final product. There are a variety of salads and brown rice is used as a cooked ingredient and a vegan coleslaw can be rustled up after pre-preparation of some vegan cheese. The list of raw foods include some exciting gourmet dishes such as artichoke pâté, and the Italian influence of her father is clearly seen in recipes such as zucchini carpaccio. There is a substantial list of cooked vegan dishes from the unusual fig and walnut loaf to something simple like sweet chilli eggplant. And then we have the dips and sauces which become the cornerstone of all delicious vegan food. My favourites in this category is the rocket mousse and the vegan cheese. For anyone who thinks that we have to eat junk food to enjoy a snack, they need to take a squiz at Antonia’s yummy selection. From the unusual spicy Nori sticks to delicious crispy kale chips, this selection should meet the appetite of the most avid snacker. Now what would a good recipe book be without a good variety of deserts? Antonia does not let you down in this department, sharing her key draw cards to the leafy greens cafe. From the delicious Chia parfait to her raw apple pie, raw chocolate truffles and the amazing raw gelato, there will be something for everyone.

The illustrations in this book are so enticing that I doubt whether even the most dedicated meat eater would not find themselves salivating over the thought of enjoying so many of these recipes.

Antonia’s tagline is Eat well, do good! This is something that she is certainly achieving by sharing these wonderful recipes.