Kuto Standard Dehydrator and Accessories

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Quick Overview

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* 6 AS (BPA-Free) trays

* Large drying capacity - Produce should be laid out on each tray avoiding overlap for the most efficient drying

* Weight = 7.85 kg

• Digital touchpad control - Modern method of operation

• Temperature and time settings - 35-70 °C and up to 19.5 hours

• Quiet operation - Some dehydrators are really loud!

• Clear door - View your food while it dries without interrupting the actual process

• Large drying capacity - Produce should be laid out on each tray avoiding overlap for the most efficient drying

Prepare delicious healthy snacks that are rich in

nutrients, flavour and colour

• Treats for your pets

• Biltong and other tasty treats the whole family

• Just great for arts and crafts

• Cake and biscuit decor

• Drying flowers

• Raw food delights

• Homemade granola and energy bars

• Hiking and camping - dehydrated meals

In addition The Kuto features 21st century dehydrating technology that not only dries efficiently

but economically as well

Features of the Kuto Dehydrator

• ‘Square’ Trays - 33x30 cm

• Increase height between trays - Trays can also be removed to create space for drying larger items

• Dehydration Area - The Kuto dehydrator offers over ½ m2 area of drying space (0.6m2)

• Raw-food friendly - Offers a temperature as low as of 35 °C

• Mesh sheets - Optional extra - for drying small items and product such as herbs

• Solid trays - For wet stuff

• Non-stick sheets - Alternative to solid trays for drying the wet stuff

• Residue collection tray - Catch what drops

• Adjustable temperatures - Temperatures range from 35º - 70 ºC in increments of 5 degrees

• Easy to clean - The Kuto dehydrator is easy to clean, simply wipe the dehydrator with a damp cloth both inside and out

• No Rotation - Even drying with a central fan means no need to rotate the trays

• Built in digital timer - up to 19.5 hours

Optional Extras:

• Mesh Sheets

• Solid trays

• Non-stick reusable sheets - great price!

• All parts on the Kuto are replaceable and cost effective to replace


The Kuto dehydrator comes with SOP (Safety overheating protection) technology that protects the dehydrator from overheating at any point making it one of the safest dehydrators to use on the market


• Variable temperature allows food to dry at the right temperature without undercooking or burning it

• Trays can be removed to create more vertical space

• No tray rotation necessary. Even drying with central fan

• The Kuto dehydrator is easy to clean

• Drip tray to collect residue during the drying process
• Kuto dehydrator with 6 AS (BPA-Free) trays

• 1 solid tray/ drip tray (32 x 30 cm)

• User friendly instruction manual

• User friendly dehydrator brochure and recipe insert

• Electric control panel for easy time and temperature settings

• Built in timer

• Temperature ranges from 35-70 °C

• Time adjustable for up to 19.5 hours

• Trays - BPA-free food grade plastic

• Clear door to view the dehydrating process without interrupting the air flow

• 220-240 volts

• 500 Watts

• Colour: White

• Not dishwasher safe

• 1 year warranty (For household use only)

• Manufactured in PRC

• *All parts that come into contact with the food are BPA-free!


Dehydrator with retail box: (LxBxH) 48.2 x 37.6 x 34.5 cm

Dehydrator: (LxBxH) 44.7 x 34.5 x 30 cm

Tray Size - 33 x 30 cm

• Weight: 7. 85 kg