Becoming Raw By Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina

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Becoming Raw

A raw diet is an unnerving thought for many people, the main reasons being, the stereotypes attached to eating raw. A lack of knowledge that gives clarity on why you should add more raw into your diet or become part of the raw food lifestyle. Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina have written this book as a guideline on adapting to the raw diet. Their two previous books Becoming Vegetarian and Becoming Vegan are a solid foundation for the theories and facts discussed in this book. It is informative and authoritative on the facts behind a raw lifestyle.

Loosing weight is one of the reasons why most people choose a raw diet, written by registered dietitians, this book looks at how to obtain all the necessary nutrients while eating raw and maintain a healthy weight. The book divides into two parts. Part 1 looks at the effect that cooking food has on enzymes, phytochemicals and fats.

The authors also provide advice on how to safely handle raw foods such as mushrooms and sprouted foods. Part 2 of the book is a recipe guide, with over 45 delectable recipes, such as raw pizza, thai spring rolls and coconut macaroons for any and every occasion. Each recipe has a nutritional analysis chart. This section also includes a detailed explanation of the equipment that you will need to make your Raw food lifestyle a success.

This book is for anyone wanting to learn more about the raw diet, not only as a health choice but as a permanent lifestyle for a better you.