AlphaAqua Double Under-Counter Filter and Accessories

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Polyprop Filter Cartridge PP10-05 +
AlphaAqua Double Under-Counter Filter

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KDF and Carbon Cartridge

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AlphaAqua Double Under-Counter

The two-filter water purification system is installed under the kitchen sink to supply good filtered water at the kitchen sink. The two filters connect directly to the existing water supply via an existing tap (if available) or plumbed into the water supply.

The unit is supplied with an attractive goose neck tap which has the advantage that the filtered water is supplied from its own independent tap, and not sharing with the existing kitchen tap as does the single counter top unit..

The Filters are hidden under the sink in a cupboard, positioned where the Filter Cartridges are accessible so that they can be replaced when necessary. This product is ideal for a permanent installation.

The KDF/Carbon filter provides the major filtration and the second filter removes any fine particles, not larger than 1 micron. This system provides a very cost effective and efficient water filtration system.

When should the filters be replaced?
Both the KDF/Carbon and the 1 micron polypropylene barrier filter should be replaced every 12 months.

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