24 Hour Timer

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Quick Overview

Plug in timer (24 Hour) Instructions for use:

To set the time

Rotate the dial clockwise until the current time is lined-up with the arrow on the dial face.
he hours are marked around the edge of the dial in 24 hours format.

To set the Timer

The timer is triggered by pushing down the notches located around the dial.
Each segment represents 15 minutes. Pulling the notch back will reduce the time by 15 minutes.
The notch can be moved in or out using a small screw driver, a pencil or your finger.

To operate

  • After setting the timer to the desired on/off programmes, plug the timer into the mains wall socket. Make sure the socket is switched OFF.
  • Plug in the dehydrator.
  • Switch the Dehydrator ON.
  • Switch the wall socket ON.
  • NOTE 1

    The timer will not work if the Dehydrator is switched OFF. Ensure the current time is set correctly on the timer dial.

    NOTE 2

    There is a slide switch on the side of the timer. When the "clock" image is visible the timer is active.

    When the "I" is visible the unit is set to continuous operations and the timer is not active.