Your Bodys Many Cries for Water By Batmanghelidj

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Water is a basis of life but do we drink enough water? Your body’s many cries for water, is a phenomenal book on water and the extent to which the human body needs it and why tea, coffee and juices are not good substitutes for water. The author-spent years investigating and researching how water can help reduce pain and heal illness.
The book expands the concept of thirst as being just one of the body’s many ways indicating that it needs water. Based on his research the author concluded that the body has many thirst signals. A dry mouth is one of the few symptoms of dehydration. As people age their abilities to recognize thirst diminishes. With age we drink less and less water which is why our bodies become more susceptible to diseases such as asthma, arthritis, headaches, heart disease, hypertension and much more. The medical field has resorted to providing medication for many illnesses that can be treated with water but the good news is that you are not sick you are just thirsty.




What you will learn in this book

  • Water as a weight loss strategy

  • The different signals of thirst in your body

  • Why medication treats and does not cure

  • How to reverse and prevent conditions such as asthma and allergies

  • Water as an anti-ageing remedy

  • How to minimize craving

  • Loosing weight with water
  • If you live a healthy lifestyle, or looking for a way to cure illnesses, make drinking water a daily habit and reap all the benefits. You are not only what you eat but what you drink as well. Your body’s many cries for water is a worthwhile investment for long term health.

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    About the author

    Dr F. Batmanghelidj is an international renowned researcher and author, well known for his work on water and its many benefits. He was educated in Scotland and graduated St Mary’s Medical Hospital Medical School of London University. He practiced medicine in the UK before relocating to Iran to assist in developing hospitals and medical centers. After the Iranian Revolution broke Dr Batmanghelidj was imprisoned as a political prisoner, it was here he discovered the healing power of water while treating a fellow inmate form a peptic ulcer. Being in a prison, there was little medication at his disposal and all he could recommend was water to his patient. Your body’s many cries for water is the first book published by the author and has since been revised and translated into 15 different languages
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    Your Body's Many Cries for Water
    by F Batmanghelidj paperback
    is a book that looks at thirst and dehydration in depth. The author has spent many years researching the link between drinking water and chronic pain and he concluded that water is very important and humans do not drink enough. Learn the different thirst signals in your body, how to loose weight, what the natural cure for chronic illnesses is and why medication only deals with the symptoms and not the root problem.

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