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Hi-Blend Multi Speed Super Blender

Hi-Blend Multi Speed Super Blender
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Weight 8.59 Kg
Dimensions 52 x 26 x 29 cm
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Hi-Blend Multi Speed Super Blender

Hi-Blend Multi Speed Super Blender is much more than a milkshake maker!

The industrial speed motor with a modern touch pad offering manual or timer operation gives you the ability to process wholefood with or without liquid and ice. Exciting healthy choices can be made in seconds.

You can enjoy Fruit Smoothies, vegetable coolers, hot soups from raw vegetables, frozen desserts, nut milks, butter and so much more.

Hi-Blend Multi Speed will help you increase the enzyme rich raw food content of your diet and include the essential dietary fibre. Performing numerous processes with no attachments.

Why do you need to get yourself such a Blender?

well simply because..... you just have to experience the end product from a Super Blender compared to a standard blender it's like comparing chalk and cheese.
  • Imagine smoothies that are really smooth
  • Enjoy creamy nut butters with no added oil
  • Delight in hot raw vegetable soup in 4 minutes flat - start to finish. (On a raw food diet just warm the soup in the Hi-Blend)
  • Make healthy frozen desserts or decadent cocktails in literally seconds
  • Crushes ice and chops coleslaw in 1 second
  • Dry processing capability with no Blade or Jug Change
  • Grind coffee and grains to flour.

The Super Blender Tamper.Only a Super Blender is supplied with a Tamper designed to force solid material into the Blades. (Not to be confused with the stick supplied with an inexpensive 'Smoothie Blender'). If a Blender does not come with a Tamper then you must question it's processing capabilities.
Amazing benefits of using a Tamper (Warning do not try to make any of these delicious ideas with a standard blender as it might burn out!)
Nut Ice Cream , Pate , Sorbets, Nut Butters, Salsa, Veg Spreads and Chutneys etc.

A note from the owners of Healthmakers

The Hi-Blend Multi Speed Super Blender has been tested under extreme conditions on a daily basis for over 6 months in an attempt to cause failure. We were unable to break this excellent product.

We are always being asked for the difference between the Hi-Blend and the Vitamix so I have made a statement of my opinion that can be found at - Colleen Thornhill

The best way to gain health and lose weight (also the remedy for constipation) is a Green Smoothie a day prepared to a creamy smooth consistency from a Hi-Blend Multi Speed Super Blender

Hi-Blend Multi Speed Super Blender Specifications.

  • Voltage AC 220 - 240 V
  • Power 950W
  • Capacity 2 Litres
  • The Hi-Blend Multi Speed AKA Omniblend V
  • Warranty: 3 years for Household use only and excluding Blade assembly.
  • Made in China
  • BPA Free Jug
Click here for Hi-Blend Multi Speed Super Blender Parts and Accessories.
Here is a selection of great books on the subject.

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