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  • Fascinating facts about sugar
    The average annual consumption of sugar in 1920 was about 4,5kg per person which, would equate to about 3 teaspoons (not heaped) of sugar per day. Currently the average consumption is said to be about 68kg per annum which equates to about 45 teaspoons of suger per day.
  • Healthy weight for children
    It's a well known fact that childhood obesity is a risk factor for chronic diseases in adulthood. But what many parents might not realise until problems arise, is that overweight and obese kids and teens often have weight-related problems during childhood.
  • Grip 'n Go
    Whether its juice, tea or water, we all have a beverage that we enjoy drinking. Mostly we use cups and mugs but when on the go, bottles are what make life easy. I have seen so many on the markets, mostly made out of plastic. Before I read up on plastic, I thought plastic bottles were the best option?