Winter Highlights
  • Moulinex Citrus Press (Elec.)
  • Sunbeam Food Steamer
  • Lurch Orange Peeler
  • Warming up to Living Foods
From the Blog
  • Oros Juice
    Oros juice! you must have heard about it at some point especially if you grew up in South Africa. Oros was one of the first concentrated juices to make its way into the South African market. It became a huge success as you paid a fraction of what a bag of oranges cost and got a similar orange flavour.
  • 10 Natural Medicines
    Food plays an important role in our daily lives. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and weddings by bringing out the 'finest' food available. When the body takes too much strain due to consuming rich, unhealthy foods as well as other factors such as stress, we become ill.
  • Being a Woman
    I love living in South Africa! The country itself might have its ups and down, but how many countries can you list that give women a day dedicated to them? 9 August, every year is a public holiday called 'Woman's Day'. Very few other countries, if any, have a special day for their women.