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From the Blog
  • Fascinating facts about sugar
    The average annual consumption of sugar in 1920 was about 4,5kg per person which, would equate to about 3 teaspoons (not heaped) of sugar per day. Currently the average consumption is said to be about 68kg per annum which equates to about 45 teaspoons of suger per day.
  • Healthy weight for children
    It's a well known fact that childhood obesity is a risk factor for chronic diseases in adulthood. But what many parents might not realise until problems arise, is that overweight and obese kids and teens often have weight-related problems during childhood.
  • Carrots: The Crunchy Power Food
    Eat your carrots, they are good for you' at some point or the other you have heard this statement or maybe told someone else. This crunchy vegetable is usually incorporated into daily food preparation and we enjoy the sweetness, flavour and vibrant colour it adds to every meal, but have you ever wondered what health benefits you get from carrots?