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  • Quit smoking or….. Heard it all? Hear this!
    Well, believe it or not, I was once a VERY dedicated smoker. A 20 a day in regular time and a 30 a day when socializing, and yes I stank like old stompies, had that aweful smokers breath and battled to walk uphill or up stairs. I was into healthy eating and addicted to nicotine for more years than I would like to mention.
  • Sodas are not the only sugary drinks
    A single serving of some bought, 'healthy' fruit juice has been found to contain the same amount of sugar as three doughnuts!!! Hard to believe? Some medium doughnuts contain 12 g of sugar each!Until recently, it was thought the 'bad' drinks were those such as Coke and Pepsi, while orange juice was an easy way to get one of our 'five a day'
  • Carrots: The Crunchy Power Food
    Eat your carrots, they are good for you' at some point or the other you have heard this statement or maybe told someone else. This crunchy vegetable is usually incorporated into daily food preparation and we enjoy the sweetness, flavour and vibrant colour it adds to every meal, but have you ever wondered what health benefits you get from carrots?