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  • Quit smoking or….. Heard it all? Hear this!
    Well, believe it or not, I was once a VERY dedicated smoker. A 20 a day in regular time and a 30 a day when socializing, and yes I stank like old stompies, had that aweful smokers breath and battled to walk uphill or up stairs. I was into healthy eating and addicted to nicotine for more years than I would like to mention.
  • Doritos
    Doritos - tortilla style corn chips, a name that conjures up parties, teenagers, children's lunch boxes, hunger fillers, nice salty taste, interesting shapes, crunchy, etc. There are many different varieties of Doritos so everyone can choose their favourite Doritos Crunchy Triangular Deliciousnessone and buy a small packet to eat at lunch.
  • Abundance of taste
    Food dehydration has been around for centuries as a method of preservation. Not only does food last longer but it remains fresh for quite a while. I am still catching the 'hang' of how to use a dehydrator. There is so much to try out.